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Award Winning Afghan Rugs Are A Perfect Décor For Your Interior 

Rugs are meant to add beauty to the place they are placed in. Rugs come from many regions and countries. They depict the culture and traditions of that very country that come from. Afghan Rugs are one such rug that are made in Afghanistan. They are a piece of art that is made in Afghanistan by its people. Afghan Rugs are meant to cover and décor your floor. If you are looking for a different rug like Afghan Rugs, then you should contact us and we will provide you the best Afghan Rugs For Sale.

Afghan Rugs For Sale are liked for many reasons. One of the main things is that in 2008, 2013 and 2014, Afghan rugs won the International awards that are held in Hamburg, Germany each year. Awards give confidence to the craftsmen who spend their time making these special pieces of their art. It also tells that there is something different in them that make them worthy of the award.

Afghan Rugs are generally made in Afghanistan. They are also made in Pakistan as some Afghan refugees reside in there. The Afghans depict their culture and tradition through their work in the rugs. they mostly imprint or weave strangely elongated human and animal figures as their signature style. The carpets are not just sold in Afghanistan but in other countries as well. Their main hub is in Mazar-e-Sharif.

Although all of Afghan Rugs are famous but some of them are more liked than others among the people. One of the most liked rugs is Shindand or Adraskan. These names come after local Afghan towns. They are made in Herat, in Western Afghanistan.

Another one that is much liked is Baluchi Rugs. Afghanistan’s Baloch people are the minds behind this type who live in south western part of the country. Other two famous rugs/carpets are Khal Mohammadi and Afghan Aqche. The fisrt one is hand made by Turkomans who reside in North Afghanistan. Sometimes they are also made in Pakistan by the same people as they hop borders.

Afghan Rugs come in a wide range of colors but majorly dark red in different shades is used. The motifs that are used are usually gol which are patterns like elephant and octagonal. The colors that are used in the making of the Best Afghan Rugs are extracted from vegetables and natural dyes.

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