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Cowhide Rugs – Lowest Prices Ever

There is a significant benefit in choosing natural cowhide rugs over synthetic ones, as they last a lot longer. The cowhide rug has one continuous piece, unlike synthetic rugs that have small holes throughout. In addition, cowhide rugs are very durable and less likely to get damaged through regular wear and tear. A flat cowhide hair rug also has a lower probability of fraying or catching as a result of its flat surface. Besides being easy to maintain, cowhide carpets also look good. Cowhide is naturally stain-resistant when compared to man-made materials. Stain guards make it even easier to clean up spills if you have cowhide rugs at your place.

How are Cowhide Rugs Made?

An eco-friendly method of tanning a cowhide rug is the process of using vegetable tanning instead of chrome tanning. Often hides are repainted to create exotic prints, creating a soft durable rug that retains the animal’s unique markings. Meat and dairy industry cows are typically used to produce cowhide rugs. The cowhides are carefully handpicked to make sure the pattern is appealing and the hides are intact. 

Things to Keep in Mind if you have Cowhide Rugs

There are a few things that you must keep in mind when you buy Cowhide rugs. You should avoid washing cowhide rugs as the shape may change as they dry. With a dry cloth, blot out as much of the water as possible from your cowhide rug if you use water on them.

Cowhide Rugs

Place a dry towel on the rug to dry it completely. Pulling the rug into shape might ensure that it dries in its original shape. In addition, you can spruce up your cowhide rug and set it up with the hidden side facing the sun outside to keep it fresh. A sunny environment aids in eliminating dampness and killing microorganisms from these rugs. It is best not to expose your rug to the sun too much because it can cause the leather to dry out and the hair to fade in color.

Reasons you Should Buy Cowhide Rugs


The benefits of cowhide rugs include being extremely hypoallergenic as well as reducing the number of allergens that are circulated in your home. For instance, consider a synthetic rug with thick fibers. Pollen, pet hair, dust, and dander, among others, are all known to get trapped in the fibers of these rugs. Rugs and carpets made of synthetic materials essentially absorb a variety of material pathogens that will stay trapped in your home every time you open the door or enter with dirty shoes.

Cowhide Rugs


The worst thing that can happen to a brand-new, white rug is for a visitor or child to spill dark-colored coffee on it. Cowhide rugs aren’t synthetic and are also less likely to have been treated with volatile organic compounds (VOC). Natural stain resistance is another benefit of cowhide carpets. There are repellent properties in both the cow skin and the cow hair of the rug which makes them easy to clean.


In addition to their durability, cowhide rugs are among the most desirable household items. In a typical home, the carpets and rugs are typically replaced every ten to twenty years. It is common for carpets and synthetic rugs to deteriorate despite regular steam cleaning.

But cowhide rugs are considerably more durable and can handle heavy foot traffic. Besides being water-repellent, cowhide rugs maintain their original shine and color even after many years of use.

Avail High-Class Cowhide Rugs from Us Now!

Thanks to our production team of cowhide rugs who make top-class rugs in different ranges, colors, designs, and shapes, you can easily choose any option based on their opening and closing mechanisms. When selecting the cowhide rug for your home, we try to provide you with as much advice and information as possible. Give your home or business an elegant, traditional look with our cowhide rugs.