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HAND TUFTED CARPETS ABU DHABI – OFFERS SPECIAL LOOK is the one with superlative Hand Tufted Carpet Manufacturers who produce best product for the consumers. There is no limitation to anything for Hand-Tufted Carpets, no matter it is related to design, fabric, patterns and theme. If you can dream it, we can create it! There is No limitations to shape or size, we offer standard size and perfect shape but if this could not be up to your requirements, we make these Hand Tufted Carpets on custom.

Unlimited colors choices, with durable and long-lasting fabric is our specialty. We have Intricate design detail for Hand Tufted Carpets. We have variety of surface options, levels and finishing’s in these carpets with unlimited custom design possibilities with curtains alteration and amendments.

Hand Tufted Carpets by Hand Tufted Carpet Manufacture at are one of the most creative, artistic and luxurious in the carpet production worldWe are proud to have experts and professionals who made these carpets choosing world class material for our clients.

One of the most masterly programs we offer our customers is option of creating this Hand Tufted Carpet with customization because the need and choices of the customers are different and our crews of talented Hand Tufted Carpet Manufacturers have the ability to cope with. They consider several factors to produce these Hand Tufted Carpets like artistic design, yarn content, fine detailing and finishing techniques contribute to their luxuriousness.

Types Of Material We Use To Produce Hand Tufted Carpets

  • If you are among those who want such finishes that will suit your style and design aesthetics? Not to worry at all, we provide wide variety of surface options and finishes.
  • The material used to make these Hand Tufted Carpets at are 100% wool.
  • Beside wool, there are also other yarns to produce these Hand Tufted Carpets Dubai are nylon, cotton and viscose.
  • They are incorporated from time to time as required. Semi-worsted, Merino and wool yarns are also available to produce Hand Tufted Carpets.
  • For the purpose to constitute more intricate design, these yarns are finer and are used for detail the petit point loop and low tight cut-pile.
  • These Hand Tufted Carpets are made for an extremely smooth, soft and durable surface.
  • At, we have experienced Hand Tufted Carpet Manufacturers and technician who do sculpture and brings the Hand Tufted Carpet to life. They also add a dimension to the carpet which adds in its aesthetic value and beauty.

Why Choose Us ?

  • To give Hand Tufted Carpets, a touch of elegance, we have specialized and expertise who work using finishing techniques. These techniques include carving, random shearing, beveling, recessing and embossing.
  • Our Hand Tufted Carpet Manufacturer can also use a combination of surface levels to create a high degree of sculpting which giving off three-dimensional effects with the addition of an extra impressive factor to finished products.
  • We have the latest computer-aided designing software which is done after completing the design process.  The custom design of hand tufted carpets will be sent to one of our skilled and experienced designers to render the design into a scaled production-ready format.