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Give Elegance To Your Room By Isfahan Rugs:

Rugs and carpets add elegance to the living area and the interior. Iranian rugs are the most famous and widely use by people to give an aesthetic look to the living room. Iran and its other cities are known for their carpet production. One of them is Isfahan whose Isfahan Rugs are very popular. It is located at the center of Iran at the foothills of the Zagros Mountain. It has a rich history in carpet manufacturing. If you are looking for Isfahan Rugs,  then you are just at the right place we have a wide variety of Isfahan rugs.

The city of Isfahan is widely known for its architecture and carpets. The Shah Abbas was specifically remembered as a great admirer of arts in the 16th century. The city of Isfahan is located in the center of Iran. It is basically located in the region that has a rich history in carpet manufacturing.

Isfahan Rugs are considered special because of their impressive and tightly woven pile. Isfahan Rugs are made of 100% natural material using tender work wool. Isfahan Rugs are mainly designed with red, blue, indigo or an ivory shade. These come in various designs which mostly consists vase, tree of lifestyle designs, flowers and shah Abbas motifs.

 Best Isfahan Rugs are long lasting unlike some other rugs. Because of the high quality material used in these rugs they don’t get dirty and can resist any kind of stains. Best Isfahan Rugs are easy to clean as they can be cleaned by hand washing, by vacuum cleaner or even by a brush. The owner of these rugs will not have to waste their money and time, a gentle hand washing is enough for Best Isfahan Rugs to be cleaned in case of any particles on it brush can be used for cleaning of these rugs.

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We at Rugs Abu Dhabi manufacture all kinds of designs according to the choice of our customers. We have various sizes but most of the rugs are medium to huge in length. Buy Isfahan Rugs as they are one of the maximum exceptional and high quality rugs that we have. It is one of the famous products of Iran and people do opt for them to add a look of sophistication to their living area. To Buy Isfahan Rugs, you can call us at 056-600-9626 or you can E-mail us at We are highly responsive to our customers. We assure you of the amazing products we have and your wonderful experience.