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Kashan Rugs

When it comes to carpets and rugs, Iran is the city most famous for it. Iranian carpets are much liked all around the world. It is in Iran that many other cities of that country are also known for their rugs and carpets. One of them is Kashan whose Kashan Rugs are popular. Kashan Rugs are homemade Persian rugs that are named after the city Kashan which is located in the Isfahan Province in North Central Iran. If you are a fan of Persian rugs and specifically Kashan Rugs, then we are here to serve you what you want. We have all the variety of Persian rugs.

Before you buy Kashan Rugs, we would like to throw light on its history. These rugs are named after one of the oldest cities of Iran, Kashan. It was the place of primary civilization. The signs of the city date back to 6000 BC. The city is situated on the outskirts of Iran, therefore it is dry and hot.

Kashan Rugs For Sale that you are thinking to buy were made in this city in seventeenth century at the time of Safavid dynasty. Some believe that some designs date back to 16th century. The city started earning from the rugs as many rulers came here for holidays.

Why Choose Our Kashan Rugs ?

  • Material Used 

Kashan Rugs For Sale are made from the finest material, but what material is used for making it in Kashan? As mentioned before, the city was surrounded by barren land and has no more supply of good material. Some say that merino wool was imported from the United Kingdom to make the best carpets in Iran. Best Kashan Rugs of today use wool from Sabsevar that is known for producing good quality wool in Iran.

  • Design And Making Of Best Kashan Rugs 

Best Kashan Rugs are of high quality and have silk in their designs. Some use cotton but majority of carpenters use natural silk in them. The wool that is used should be soft and the pile should have tight knot. They have same designs usually, that include primary medallion and Persian floral motifs but sometimes other designs are also made. Mostly colors like red, ivory, blue and soft greens are used.

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You can Buy Kashan Rugs today to avail our offers. We offer these rugs in different sizes and also fix them. You can Buy Kashan Rugs by sitting at your home and you just have to add the product in the cart. All the rugs on our website are available at very reasonable prices. For more information, you can call us at 056-600-96-26. You can also reach us through our email