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Khan Mohammadi Rugs in Abu Dhabi

Khal Mohammadi rugs are in some ways unique. Not named after a city or region they are named after the legendary figure that created the unmistakable design. Khal Mohammad, father of 25, created the design while living in Afghanistan. Today most Khal Mohammadi rugs are woven in or around the town of Kunduz in north of Afghanistan.

Khal Mohammadi’s are warm and welcoming. The colours are dark, usually deep reds with dark blue or black used for detail. The colour and dyes themselves are what give the rug its name, it was Khal Mohammadi who developed the red tones found in these rugs. The detail in the rug can vary but the pattern is almost always one form of repeated columns of ‘gul’ or ‘fil pai’ (elephant prints) adapted from Mohammadi’s Ersari Turkmen heritage.

We have recently added Beljik rugs and Kunduz rugs which are Khal Mohammadi designs but in higher knot counts and using the highest quality of wool. Beljik rugs are implemented in Merino wool and have around twice as many knots as their Kham Mohammadi counterparts while Kunuz uses slightly better wool and a more uniform and tighter weave.

We also sell Afghan Red rugs or Aqchas which are similar in design to the Khal Mohammadi but have lower knot counts and host less depth of colour.

The Khan Mohammadi rugs (also known as Khal Mohammadi) are beautiful rugs from Afghanistan. The Khan Mohammadi rugs distribute many of the same characteristics as other Afghani rugs which include the deep, rich colors, the geometric designs with the repeating gull pattern and the use of wool on wool weaving. Although reds are a distinct and common color among Afghani rugs, close check of Khan Mohammadi rugs will show a collection of deep red shades that gives these rugs marvelous character and details. These rugs really strong and long-lasting. Dubai is the place where most of Mohammad of worlds are located therefore we are at top in Khal Mohammadi manufacture with reasonable price.

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