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One of exclusive product line of rugs Abu Dhabi is Persian Rugs. Persian Rugs is most demanded and searched type of carpet in the world. It is esteemed by people due to its very fine craft .They are heavy fabric Persian Rugs made in Iran (Persia) and are sold all around the world due to the beautiful woven designs. Persian Rugs represents a side of Persian and Iranian culture. Persian Carpets are designed at different levels ranging from village tribes, to small workshops to big factories. These Persian carpets attract people due to their delicate colorings and creative design. Persian rugs Abu Dhabi origin back from Persian Empire and royal dynasty of Iran, and since then their beauty has been preserved.

Persian Carpets have many types. Each type of Persian carpet differs due to their weaving techniques, unique color scheme, premium quality material and styles.

Types of Persian carpets available are

  • Tabriz
  • Kerman
  • Mashhad
  • Kashan
  • Isfahan
  • Nain
  • Qom

Why Choose Us?

We are leading rugs suppliers here due to certain reasons. We provide to you such attractive pieces of carpets that leave a charismatic effect on your guests or visitors who visit your home or office. Persian rugs makes sure to make your floor look glamorous when covered by Persian rugs Abu Dhabi. Some certain qualities make Persian rugs different and better from others.

  1. Quality Standards And Reasonable Prices

Persian rugs makes sure that premium quality material and resources are used to manufacture Persian rugs. Our first priority is customer’s satisfaction and so they go to any extent to come up to their valuable customer’s demands. We also provide quality products at most affordable and inexpensive prices in the UAE helping customers with maintaining their budgets too and providing everyone an opportunity to buy Persian carpets from us.

  1. Customer Handling

People who are provided with Persian carpets in Abu Dhabi by Persian rugs supplier are their number one priority and it is their first priority to make their customers comfortable. To make the customers comfortable and to attract them by the welcoming nature a specialized, well-trained team of members is employed by Persian rugs supplier to reach standards of customer handling. This not just makes our loveable customers come back but also attracts the market due to good name and image in the Gulf.

  1. Ease of shipping the rugs

Another amazing facility provided by Persian rugs is that they not just provide Persian carpets for sale but also provide delivery and initialization services. This makes them stand out in the UAE market. This enables the customers to get their products at home cutting down their shipping cost, effort, man power and time too. Not just Abu Dhabi but we deal with customers across UAE in areas like Dubai, Al Ain and Sharjah. Other than UAE our Persian carpets for sale are sold to other countries in Gulf too like Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

  1. Easy to reach

We are very easy to shop from as you can book appointments on call or can visit us any time during our working hours to look into all the available options of mesmerizing Persian carpets. And can also give us your specifications like sizes and types of Persian carpets.


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