Persian rugs


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Persian Rugs – An Indegenous Product Of Iran

Iran, once known as Persia, is where Persian rugs are made. They are among the most classic and ancient styles of Oriental rugs, which also makes them quite well-known. These rugs are made with exquisite precision and individuality. In contrast to other Oriental rugs, which have geometric shapes, their design is highly unique and includes flowers, fruits, crosses, lotuses, or more organic shapes. These rugs mostly include the traditional hues of red, blue, and gold. 

Most people frequently confuse Persian rugs with all Oriental rugs. The greatest defining characteristic that sets Persian rugs apart from other Oriental rugs is their country of origin. Various regions of the world, including Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Tibet, Afghanistan, and Turkey, produce oriental rugs. However, Iran, as it is known today, is where Persian rugs are made. Thus, it is acceptable to say that area rugs constitute an exclusive category of Oriental carpets.

Persian rugs

What Are Some Examples Of The Patterns And Designs You May Find In Persian Rugs?

Geometric patterns and symbolic motifs are thought to shield the owner of a Persian rug from bad luck and evil, according to old customs and beliefs. In the case of tribal Persian rug designs, such as geometric animals, people, and everyday objects, antique hand-made Persian rugs are a classic illustration of art imitating life and life imitating art, as the rich variety of designs used by Persian rug weavers continues to inspire designers and artists all over the world. 

Limitless combinations are available when regional designs and slight variances in techniques and materials are blended because countless Persian designs and traditions have been created and preserved by weavers in every city and cultural group. Before the 1920s, Persian semi-nomadic tribes, imperial weaving traditions developed by the Safavid and Mughal empires, and an unfathomable variety of rug patterns and styles. 

Traditional Oriental carpets and Persian rugs have been traded internationally for thousands of years, leading to an intriguing exchange of styles between East and West. Each Persian carpet carries its own unique tale in addition to being a one-of-a-kind work of art with luxurious design accents that make a house feel like a cocoyam. Every Persian rug completes the complex story of all rugs created before and after it.

Persian rugs

Why Abu Dhabi Rugs Is The Best Choice For The Persian Rugs?

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