Buy Luxury Shaggy Carpets In Abu Dhabi

Carpets enhance the appearance of the house. Bright and vibrant color carpets, matching to the room wall colors and furniture boost the classy look of the room. Rugs Abu Dhabi offers different types of carpets and Shaggy Carpets  are most sold latest item. Shaggy carpets are available as many pieces as you like, can even deliver in bulk at wholesale rate. Shaggy Carpets has a deep pile, which gives the shaggy look to the piece of carpet.

Feature of Our Shaggy Carpets 

Some special and exclusive features of Shaggy Carpets that make us different from others who provide Shaggy Carpet are:

  1. Vibrant and attractive colors
  2. Extensive theme range
  3. Immediate response
  4. Flexible and reasonable cost
  5. quotations on demand
  6. Efficient customer handling/ Trained representatives
  7. Widest range of shaggy carpets in Abu Dhabi
  8. Readymade Shaggy Carpets
  9. Delivery at door step

Types Of Shaggy Carpets We Have

  1. Mixed Texture Shaggy Carpets: As the name suggests, mixed texture shaggy carpets are developed with the combination of two or more different texture material. Mixing of different textures for a single carpet gives visually a very interesting design. Very durable and lasts longer.
  1. Felted Shag Carpets: These carpets are most common wool carpets. Diverse and surprising designs and patterns can be made out of wool to convert it into felted shag carpet. They are very durable and soft.
  1. Super Plush Carpets: These are the softest kind of carpets. They are made up of heavy and thick pile which makes them as soft as the pillows.
  1. Synthetic Carpets: Made up of synthetic silky carpet. Being very soft and in significant reasonable prices.
  1. Berber Carpets: These carpets are famous for their bold patterns and are very soft, long lasting and durable.
  1. Faux Stone: These carpets give the appearance and presentation of stones but are very soft and comfy. These carpets are very unique and interesting.

Why Choose Us ?

Our team here at Rugs insures the high quality of a product by running quality procedures at every step. Quality is our first and basic priority and there is no chance we compromise on our services. In order to keep up to the best standards we keep a track of our business processes and only employ well trained experts who can keep up with the standards and can provide perfect products demanded by our valuable customers by exhibiting their best skills and accomplishing their tasks in order to deliver exact designs required.  


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