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Silk on Silk Carpet

A beautiful carpet is the foundation of a beautiful home. Silk On Silk Kashmiri carpets are entirely modern in feel but can be used to great effect in both traditional and contemporary interior.

Use of Silk On Silk Carpets:

These carpets for this fine artistry are great for living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms for your bespoke homes. These carpets are one of the most excellent and high-quality product we do have here in Abu Dhabi. This is one of the well-known products here in Abu Dhabi and regions of UAE. This rug is available in different colors. This rug made up of authentic material. We provide the best quality rugs. Among all the natural fibers, Silk On Silk Kashmiri carpet is the most durable one. The silk fiber is soft and luxurious because it is protein-based fiber. Carpets woven with pure silk, last for over centuries and have been collected by royal families since times immemorial.

Being a natural fiber, carpets are absorbent that makes its pro as well as a con! As an advantage, it absorbs the moisture in the room thereby acting as a natural air purifier and as becoming a magnet for dust. Ensure that your precious pure silk carpets are professionally cleaned regularly. Our company offers cleaning of carpets at your residence and your office. Silk On Silk Kashmiri carpets are ideally suited for senior citizens and children as they provide high quality cushioning effect and provide comfort in walking around the room. With such a vast number of advantages; it is obvious that carpets are the first choice of the interior decorators, homemakers of bespoke homes.

Our Services:

Our company aims to offer our customers a unique collection, superior quality, vibrant colors, and stylish designs. Silk On Silk carpets specialized in all kind of Luxurious handmade Kashmiri carpets in all sizes. Apart from carpets, our company has the best collection of antiques and Pashmina (Kashmir). Also, We have been able to achieve the confidence of our Buyers, by providing them with quality products at reasonable rates. Our carpets have complimented the aesthetics of residential homes and commercial spaces throughout the world with rugs of exceptional quality and unique designs.

This innovative and design-focused company has earned an outstanding reputation for supplying Carpets to the Royal Family, Diplomats, Five-star Hotels, high profile private clients and commercial professionals. Silk On Silk carpets are skilled in all kinds of flooring solutions with our high-class skilled team. Whatever might be your necessity little, huge or discount we do everything. Customization is our quality. Silk On Silk covers likewise give doorstep administrations. Where our experts will suggest you the best sample.

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