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Stair Carpet

Rugs Abu Dhabi offers attractive, numerous selection of floorings which also includes Stair Carpets. Carpets are great representation to the flooring and when it comes to stair carpets, besides the attractive look it has many other benefits.

Having Stair Carpet on the stairs minimize the sound of steps while going up and down. Stair Carpets are awesome strategy to avoid any kind of foot noise and keep the house calm. They look classy, fashionable, attractive and chic. Some stairs has a slippery texture which causes different accidents while moving on the stairs where as having Stair Carpets would help in stronger grip.

Having carpet on the stairs enhances the beauty and look of the house. Stair Carpets protects house from wear and tear and scratches. Stair carpets are safer, they mitigate the chance of injury and accidents. Stair Carpets boosts the house décor having combination of different patterns, textures and amazing colors.

Types of Stair Carpet 

  1. Wool Stair Carpet: Fire retardant, stain resilient, bear’s heavy traffic.
  2. Synthetic Materials: Nylon and Polyester are best choices. Known for strength, durability and stain resistance.

Benefits of Our Stairs Carpets ?

  1. Wide color and theme range
  2. Affordable rates
  3. Quotations on demand
  4. Readymade products to buy
  5. Customized Carpet
  6. Single piece/ Bulk delivery
  7. Quick response
  8. Efficient customer handling
  9. Delivery at door step