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Tiger Rugs

Tiger Hide Rugs in Abu Dhabi

This one-of-a-kind Tibetan tiger carpet is the perfect addition to your home, office, or meditation space.  Made in the traditional manner, each design is cut by hand to create a 3-dimensional look that emulates a real tiger skin.  They are woven by hand on looms and feature 100 knots per square inch.  Tibetan carpets and tiger rugs are truly beautiful pieces of art known for their quality and longevity.

The tiger is known to symbolize unconditional confidence and disciplined awareness, kindness, and modesty.  The tiger is associated with confidence, dominance over the forest, and the air element.  Many Tibetans believe that meditating on a tiger carpet will protect you from negativity and enhance your meditation practice.

Tiger rugs are an enigma. There are only a handful of antique Tibetan tiger rugs, less than 200 in all, and really very little is known about them. Yet it is increasingly apparant that in the modern rug world the tiger rug is becoming a fashion trend. Many producers of hand-woven Tibetan rugs, nearly all of them based in Nepal, are rapidly coming out with more tiger designs and higher production. The celestial wheel of fashion turns.

But before more examples of the good new stuff we must ask ourselves what we know of the good old stuff. What traditions are being drawn upon here? Because it is the increasing awareness of these traditions that is behind the demand that is driving this trend.

Tiger rugs were always considered prized possessions, not mere objects to be parted with for damnable mammon. Remarkably, the first tiger rug reached the west only as recently as 1979, purchased by the Newark Museum.

I think it is fair to say that when most people think of Tibet they don’t usually associate it with tigers. But as the above map shows, tigers once ranged far and wide across Asia, with a number of sub-species. Although the map doesn’t show tigers in Tibet one hundred years ago there is every reason to believe that they may well have inhabited Tibet at an earlier period. Tiger rugs are found in Khotan, in the Taklamakan Basin to the north, and tigers still exist further north in Siberia, today. There was once a Caspian Sea tiger that has since become extinct. Yet tigers are certainly still to be found in the Himalayas.

Tiger rugs were known to have been made as gifts for lamas in their monasteries.Tiger rugs have an association with Tantric Meditation. Yogins meditating on tiger pelts is a common motif in Tibetan art. The tiger skin motif was thought to protect the person during meditation, by creating anger that kept away scorpions and snakes and other insects.

Before looking at some of the new examples of tiger rugs that are appearing on the market a quick word should be said regarding construction. The orange dyes that are prevalent in these rugs are variations that find their source in the madder root. The knot is particularly difficult to understand compared to the Turkish or Persian knots. The weaving process involves the use of a rod. The pile thread is wound around the two warp-threads above the rod, looped over the rod, before passing onto the next warp-threads. This makes for a continuous thread that only stops when there is a color-change.

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