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Wool on Wool Rugs

Silky Wool On Wool Carpet

Hand-woven wool on wool Kashmiri carpets made with the finest wool fibers in Traditional & modern designs. Dive into the opulence of Kashmiri heritage with our rich and heirloom-worthy carpets collection of hand-knotted traditional carpets. A collection that boasts of antique kilim carpets, traditional Kashmiri carpets in wool and other classic fine handmade carpets in intricate patterns and designs. Wool On Wool Carpets

 collection offers a refreshing new direction and an exciting departure from traditional carpets designs that are hand-knotted by expert weavers using the finest materials. These carpets feature stunning transitional patterns in a variety of rich colorways. Hand-knotted with high-quality wool, carpets in this collection come in a variety of different patterns, colors, and shapes.

The wool on wool Kashmiri carpets consists of carpets that are popular due to their modern simplicity and soft surface comfortable to walk on therefore giving the carpets a soft and beautiful look. The carpet collection consists of handmade and hand-tufted wool rugs that do not contain individual knots, thus greatly reducing the time to weave. The carpets collection comes in multiple styles and sizes especially to suit your home, therefore, giving a soothing experience, look and feel of a hand-knotted rug. Wool On Wool Carpets are made of delightful colors, woven into patterns of beautiful flowers, tendril and geometrical designs that speak different stories of Mughal dynasty. Our every each and everything relating to the carpet is a unique piece of art. This piece of art has proudly run from generation to generation in families.

Our services:

Despite our extensive range of stock designs and sizes, you may still find it necessary to have a chosen design specifically tailored to your space. Wool On Wool Carpets can adjust the colors and materials, the scale of the pattern, size, and shape of the rug to fit a room or work with an existing scheme. Our showroom deals advisors all have foundations in inside structure and are glad to work with customers and help with shading, plan, size and scale arrangements. We are focused on bending over backward until your ideal carpet is made.

Choose from a wide range of handmade carpets in Abu Dhabi with Hands. Modern & Traditional design wool rugs made from pure Kashmiri wool-silk. Kashmiri Wool On Wool Carpets oriental carpets with their exquisite craftsmanship; enchanting designs and beauty have fascinated viewers over the years. Besides we produce programmed goods as well and ensure that order will be honored according to the specific, designs and colors.

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If you want the best carpets for your home and office then contact us as soon as possible as we are the prime and foremost manufacturer and supplier of carpets is the market and our staff members will book or give you a quote within no time.

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