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We here at Rug Abu Dhabi provide services like none before. Introducing to you for the first time customized rugs along with the already made ones. Yes now you can Buy rugs in Abu Dhabi the way you like, design them according to your need and demand. Be it a company logo or any artistic concept get made on your rug by us. Not just designs but Rugs supplier in Abu Dhabi provides its valuable customers an opportunity to select and specify sizes of your rugs as required.

We are the #1 Rugs Shops in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & UAE 

Rugs have existed since long now and are becoming more available, trendy and valuable in current times. Rug shopping in Abu Dhabi has become a major part while decorating or renovating houses and places like offices, restaurants and cafes. Rugs is one of the amazing manufacturer and supplier of rugs in Abu Dhabi and they are famous for supplying these rugs and carpets all across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our outlet is among one of the best rug outlets in Abu Dhabi. You would find our name on top while looking for rug outlets in Abu Dhabi. Rugs from Rugs Abu Dhabi improves the appearance to the rooms. Fashionable and outstanding rugs and carpets from rugs Abu Dhabi are the great solutions to groom the appearance of any room or corner of your house. Rugs gives very charming, warmer and easygoing touch to the feet while walking over it. Rugs Abu Dhabi is the best affordable solution to add beauty and class to the rooms.

Rug outlets in Abu Dhabi offer diversity of rugs varying in size, color, designs, patterns, styles and material. Having wide range of options, it makes it easy for people to choose Rugs matching to their interior and wall colors. All this variety helps in choosing the rugs best suit to the office and house setting.

While shopping for rugs in Abu Dhabi there are few things that must be focused, which makes it easy for you to find and decide about buying the best rug. 

Looking for Best Rugs?

It is commonly noticed that people with the time change their lifestyles. They keep their inside modern with the time and always prefer to give a stylish look whether it be home, office, restaurants or hotels. In comparison to carpets, rugs are preferred by most. 

If you are looking for the best rug in Abu Dhabi, visit Rugsabudhabi.com We are presenting the topmost quality of rug which can glimpse your interior through our different categories. We present you the beautiful and adorable rugs usually used to decorate the interior of the house. These rugs consist of heavy fabric.
There are many types of rugs, we made available for our customers. They are Kazak’s rug, Hand tufted rugs, Tiger rugs, Zebra rugs, Area rugs, Persian rugs, Shaggy rugs and Handmade rugs etc.

We are a leading company and always work to make the customers pleased.  Our client does not have to go to any place or market, they will find all there on our website. We offer our customers the best deal of these rugs. Quality is counted remarkably. Our experts never ever compromise with the standard of the product. We make amendment of the outcome as per requirement of the consumer We provide affordable price of rugs to our clients

According to the requirement of the consumer we make available the sample facilities. If you want to order a customized rug, please feel free to order, our expert will coordinate with you. We will cater whether you need to make small, large or wholesale requirements. The standard and integrity of our product is always maintained, and we work as per the customer.

You are free to choose Rug online considering these factors by mentioning the requirement of the product that is Size, Texture, design, material, color, style, area of placement of rug. We will cooperate with our consumers in all possible ways, if you have any kind of questions regarding our product, mentioned on our web page. 

We Customize Sizes and shapes of Rugs as Per Your Requirements

Rugs Abu Dhabi has variety of rugs having different shapes and cuts. Some rugs are round, square, rectangular and you could easily choose perfect size and shape that suits best to your place. 

It is very important to keep in your mind the colors and designs that would go with the corner of your room. Some rugs are printed and some are handmade. For commercial purpose Rugs Abu Dhabi can also offer your logo designed rug as per your specifications.

Perks of Rug Shopping in Abu Dhabi

  1. Variety of various colors, patterns and designs.
  2. We offer choice of custom made rugs having whatever design you share with us.
  3. All our rugs and carpets are anti-fire and they protects your place in case of any fire accident.
  4. Our rugs and carpets are available in discounted prices offering best quality.
  5. The products we offer last for long term due to their durability.
  6. We offer all the services including product delivery and installation all in very reasonable cost.

We are Among Best Rugs Store Abu Dhabi

Rug basically helps ground furnishings and outline a space; functionally, it protects floors from noise and provides plush artefacts underfoot. Without rugs life would exist but cozy, cushiony and colored lost from our life. To have these rugs we admire our lifestyles with all the facilities we need. 

Rugsabudhabi.com is among the best rug stores in Abu Dhabi as we provide durability, affordability and quality material to our customers. People choose us because of our great deal and expertise. We are the best dealer because we have experts and professionals who deal in a friendly environment. If we go with variety, we have a disparate variety of rugs available at this website. Wool and silk are a basic material we utilized to manufacture these rugs at Rugsabudhabi.com

For all those customers who are environmentally conscious and follow the latest trend, we offer them sisal rug, contemporary interior design for all our consumers. We also help to give quality materials, attractive color, perfect size, shape and the scale of pattern of the rug to fit a room or workplace. 

We have a vast range of rugs in our rugs store with elegant designs and perfect size, but still we welcome customer customization. Our experts have designed these rugs according to their taste or for business. We deliver our customer access to everything they need and want. We also comprise unique range in versatility of fabrics, themes, colors, patterns and designs with unbeatable prices. 

Moreover, the design of our rugs is driven by smart technology and puts the power directly in your hands. We offer a good deal that makes your shopping experience easy and flawless. We care about the safety of customer products. Our rugs supplier delivers the product with an anti-fire coating. Customers are given freedom to shop whenever, however and wherever they like. We make our Customers feel free to order anytime. You can share any design for the rugs, and we can make it for you.

Among the Best Rugs supplier in Abu Dhabi

Rugs supplier Abu Dhabi brings to you the best floor rugs in the gulf. Be it gracing your home floors or decorating your office floors, Rugs Abu Dhabi provides you an opportunity to refine you surroundings areas by covering your floors with classy yet elegant Rugs Abu Dhabi. Every thread of Rugs Abu Dhabi represents the hard work and determination put in by our very skilled and gritty craftsmen. We are leading Rugs supplier Abu Dhabi due to our quality and commitment to serve the best to our customers.

Why Buy Rugs Abu Dhabi?

Certain qualities of rugs Abu Dhabi make them most desirable floor decor in the Gulf countries. Rugs Abu Dhabi are well-known for their quality standards. Rugs  Abu Dhabi are best solution to everyone’s  concern about their floors as it is very durable and can be used for years without being replaced. Here Rugs supplier Abu Dhabi does not mean you buy Rugs Abu Dhabi at low cost and compromising the quality. We at Rugs supplier Abu Dhabi assure both high quality and affordable prices together. Rugs Abu Dhabi are very easy to clean and maintain as they can be washed easily at home by skipping traveling and dry cleaning cost, as well as efforts and time.

Our Best Selling Rugs


Mostly the people we found around us are experiencing dust allergy. Sisal rugs are the most appropriate option for all those people who need to have dust free and eco-friendly options for rugs. Rugsabudhabi.com is the most excellent brand of Sisal rugs Our experts make the best sisal rug in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in resourceful design with flexible styles to the client. We are the one who deals with many factors before manufacturing the sisal rug. Our expert keeps an eye to maintain the quality of our product. We also offer you each rug with distinctive stylish patterns and with contrasting fabric. We make such unique designs of Sisal rugs which will match your interior.


Shaggy rugs added a soft trace to the entire interior decor. These rugs are ideal for the living room and for the bedroom. These rugs are practical to use and are the premier ways to create a warm atmosphere. They provide you the soft feeling when you place your feet over it. Our expert at Rugsabudhabi.com provides enormous design with versatility of theme, pattern, color and size of shaggy rugs.  We manufacture these rugs by using splendid colors. Every size of Shaggy rugs is made available to customers. Moreover, the shape of these rugs also counts when fabricated. We make amendments to the outcome as per the requirement of the consumer.


Area rugs are specially designed for the area of the living room. These rugs do not cover the entire area of the room but can be used for area, to enhance the vision of the room. Mostly people prefer to buy these area rugs to cover the main area of the living room, mostly placed in front of the sofa there.
Area rug at Rugsabudhabi.com are famous for its well-crafted and well-executed behavior. These Area rugs make the interior of your house more appealing and your guests never stop themselves without compliment. Consumers should pick the absolute size according to the way you lavish your furniture.


Persian rugs are hand-woven in Iran which is formerly referred to as Persia. These rugs are one among the oldest, most revered, and ancient forms of rugs. Rugsabudhabi.com provides you an ideal deal on Persian rugs as well as on the stores for a complete flooring solution. Handwoven Persian rugs are usually made from wool, silk, or a wool-silk mix. The 100 percent pure silk is quite fine and has a shiny end. Traditional Persian rugs are made of natural dyes; therefore, you wish to seem for colors that appear to return from nature. 


Cowhide rugs by rugsabudhabi.com are ideal for homes featuring modern, abstract, or traditional interior designs. This popular and fun favorite rug has an appeal all their own, boasting their own unique combination of chocolate, white, beige, chestnut and coffee shades. These are highly versatile options, and somehow blend perfectly with the overall decor of the home. We also make available rugs featuring unusual patterns and colors like, a black and white reddish cowhide. These types of rugs are ideal and offer a traditional black and white design, with rich, warm undertones of red, creating a cozy and elegant centerpiece. 


Looking for custom made rugs for your office space or home? Well for your choices Rugsabudhabi.com is where you should look for! This is where you will get the best up to date style of all the rugs. For instance, sisal rugs, Persian rugs, area rugs, shaggy rugs etc. The amazing colors, beautiful designs available at our stores would surely make you mesmerized. And the best thing about us is that you wouldn’t have to be concerned about the installation process. Once you decide to opt for our services, we are at your doorstep providing you with the ultimate window solution with our finest quality custom made rugs in Abu Dhabi.




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