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Pristine Self Leveling

Self leveling is known as the fastest solution to repair smooth or raises the floor. It is done with a cementation mixture. It flows easily and can be spread conveniently as compared to the cement mixture used for construction purposes. The best thing about the cement for self leveling is that it flows easily and sets up quickly.

Once it spreads it flows evenly thus creating a level on the floor. The easy to set up cement gets smooth and flat in 1 to hours. Moreover, it completely dries within 6 hours and then you can use it or can also place some light furniture on it with ease and nothing will happen to it. The self leveling is important before laying the carpet, tile, and other floor coverings.

Cement Mixture For Self Leveling:

To level the floor with this technique, cement is used as the self leveling underlayment. It is a mixture of polymer plasticizers, Portland cement, and other ingredients that help to keep the floor remain in shape and level for many years. Although the cement has the strength of concrete it flows easily as well as has a quick setup time.

Where Self Leveling Is Required:

  • Mainly the self leveling procedure is applied on low spots and rough surfaces.
  • The thin layer is poured to smooth the small imperfections.
  • For low surfaces about a quarter to one-inch layer is poured without aggregates while for the large imperfections 5-inch layer is spread with an aggregate mixture.
  • It works best with the well radiated heating installation. For the proper finish, trowels are used for even spreading and leveling of the floor.

Preparation For Self Leveling:

Before the installation of the new floor, it is important to check the moisture in the concrete if the moisture level is high then it may degrade over time. Therefore, it is essential to test the slab. It helps in defining the strength of the floor. In case if the floor has much amount of moisture then an extra layer of self leveling cement is added. It is because it gives the strength to the floor and does not allow degrading with time. Therefore, before laying a tile or carpet it is good to level the floor.

Things To Consider For The Installation Of Self Leveling:

  • It is important to complete the tool kit like a spreader, trowel, concrete of high quality, and the tapes to cover the sides to avoid splashes of concrete on walls.
  • Use the lever product in dry form. It is good to mix concrete at a moderate temperature.
  • During spreading do not add water as it dilutes the mixture and may not be effective.
  • Pour the right amount of the product. If you lay the thick layer it may create clogging or the floor may remain uneven.

Hire A Professional To Have Proper Leveling:

  • For the proper installation of the leveling on the floor you can do it efficiently but to avoid problems in the future it is good to hire the professionals. 
  • We have a team of experts who know the flooring needs. They first inspect the area, type of floor imperfections, and then decide the thickness of layering.
  • We provide high-quality concrete for self-leveling purposes so you will have no complaint in the future.
  • After inspection, our workers start their work. They know the temperature required for mixing plus the trowel for even mixing. It helps in providing the uniform flooring and you can then play tiles or carpet over the floor.
  • If you are in the hunt for self leveling service then feel free to contact us. We offer reliable services and use high-quality material that provides satisfactory floor leveling.
  • Moreover, if you need the floor lamination, wood flooring, or carpeting for your even floors then we are here to provide you a wide array of the carpets and rugs for your floors.
  • You can also hire our professionals to assist so that they can help you to décor your home interior and can also fix self leveling precisely on your home floor.
  • We have a huge market of such products and the reason why we stand above from others is that we never compromise on anything we made or serve.