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Natural Appearance Of Sisal Carpets

Sisal Carpets are made up of the natural fiber that is mined from sisalana cactus plant. This fiber is way too strong and is up to three feet long. These cactus plants are mostly found in Brazil and Africa. It is best suited for indoors, be it house floors or office.  Sisal carpets are mostly used for stair cases and hall way areas due to their strong grip. Sisal carpets are very sustainable options for office and house. They are not best suit for outdoors. Due to natural fiber used, it provides natural humidity in the area. It’s becoming trendier among interior designers due to its beautiful natural appearance. Now a day it’s becoming the style statement and gives a classy and chic look to the floors.

Sisal Carpets are one of the widely known and sold product in Abu Dhabi and across Dubai. Among the sellers of Sisal Carpets, is one of the best and well known seller offering the exceptional quality Sisal Carpets in loads of different decent appearance. Sisal Carpets give the luxurious and chic look. It gives amazing soothing feeling while walking over it. Best about Sisal Carpets is that you don’t have to worry about them fading off and getting dull because it has all natural colors. It can bear heavy traffic. Sisal Carpets are trending among residents of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. People these days are more concerned about the presentation of their place and ready to spend to make their houses look attractive and classy. They are a good choice for people with kids and pets as Sisal Carpets can be cleaned easily. Vacuuming every day and poof it’s done!

Benefits Of Our Sisal Carpets 

  1. Cost Friendly
  2. Durable and easy to maintain
  3. Non-static
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Long-lasting
  6. Stain resistant

Why Choose Us ?

If you are residing across Abu Dhabi and Dubai and looking for fashionable, attractive, durable, having huge variety in theme and pattern for Sisal carpets in Abu Dhabi, than you have just landed to the right place. is one of the best and well known supplier and seller of Sisal carpets. Sisal carpets is one of the high and best quality product we are selling. Sisal carpets are available in different themes. Our every product is made with love for our customers using high quality material because we don’t compromise on quality. Sisal Carpets are available in specific size ranges for you to choose. is selling sisal carpets in very affordable prices with all the good specifications.