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Kashmiri/ Jaipuri rugs

Give a Touch Of Kashmir To Your Interior With Kashmiri Rugs

Have you ever heard of the beauty of Kashmiri Rugs? The fact that how irreplaceably beautiful they are and how they are different from normal rugs? Yes, Kashmiri Rugs have a class of their own. They depict their region’s culture and talent from their designs. The thing is that they are not easily available and it gives room for scammers. They claim that they have original Kashmiri Rugs which are definitely not the case and you end up wasting your money. In order to stay away from scammers, you can contact us for Kashmiri Rugs Online and have a 100% real shopping experience with us.

Why Us?

You should get Kashmiri Rugs Online from us because

  1. We are light on your pocket
  2. 100% original rugs from Kashmir
  3. Variety
  4. High quality
  5. Customer care
  6. Professionalism
  7. Long lasting
  8. Guidance
  9. Online services
  10. 24/7 availability

How Are Kashmiri Rugs Made?

There are many reasons to buy Kashmiri Rugs Online and one of them is that they are made in the homes of Kashmiri people by the residents of Kashmir. They are hand knotted and are made from natural wool, natural silk and sometimes a mix of both silk and wool. They have unique designs and patterns which differentiates them from other rugs.

How To Point Out A Kashmir Rug?

Kashmiri Rugs Online are not hard to differentiate from other rugs. They have some amazing tomes similar to jewels including sapphire blue, ruby red, emerald, aquamarine, amethyst and ivory. They are majorly made in the areas like Srinagar, North Indian Kashmir, and villages in the rural parts of Kashmir. They are much famous pieces of arts all around the world. The craftsmen are really appreciated for their brilliant piece of art.

Sizes And Other Details

Kashmiri Rugs Online are available in different sizes. The sizes that are preferred include 3’x2, 4’x2’6”, five’x3’, 6’x4’, 7’x5’, 10’x8’, 12×9’, 14’x10’, 15’x12’ and 18’x12’. With these sizes, it is not that we don’t have larger sizes. We have them but they are usually custom made. These rugs have traditional oriental designs on them. They also have cultural motifs on them with paisley and chinar tree. Majority of these designs depict the lifestyle of Kashmiri people and shows how hospitable and warm people they are. Kashmiri Rugs For Sale are designed and made by people of Kashmir who have passed this talent from father to son over the centuries. This tradition keeps going on with time.

Get Your Kashmiri Rugs For Sale From Us

You can get Kashmiri Rugs For Sale from us and avail our deals and offers. We make sure to give a modern as well as traditional look to your interior with these rugs that are available at a very reasonable cost. For more information, you can call us at 056-600-96-26. You can also get in touch via email and that is info@localhost.

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