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We are here to give our customers the best and top quality rugs which are also available online at a very nominal price so contact us and buy your rugs

Rugs adds to colors and variety to your house, using colors and patterns. It varies in colors, cuts, and styles giving a chance to every one million possibilities to fulfill your style desires. Rugs provides a comfy and luxurious atmosphere in the users’ surroundings.

Benefits of Our Rugs 

  • Hand-knotted pure carpets are known for suppleness, softness and fine workmanship. The number of knots per square inch defines the quality of the carpet. These extremely fine rugs are made in a variety of exotic designs and have very intricate curvilinear patterns. Rugs and Beyond specializes in Luxury, One of a Kind, handmade rugs and of fine quality to enhance the home decor and interior design of the space. Rugs take almost 6-12 months to weave each rug with 2 weavers on an average depending upon the size, quality, number of knots per square inch, intricacy of craftsmanship and design pattern.
  • A visit to The rugs beautiful showroom in Dubai offers the opportunity to see and feel our luxury rugs. Plan your visit today. We have a popular range of Office rugs that will suit Your Office Browse Our collection. Perfect for adding warmth and definition to a room, rugs feel fantastic underfoot.

Why Choose Us ?

  • We have exquisite collection offers our customers only valuable individual pieces. Rugs online are consistently worthy representatives of the traditional art of carpet weaving and, thanks to their classic patterns combined with the finest materials and quality workmanship, true works of art on the floor. As such, We are a particular furnishing highlight in every living environment, creating a unique sense of space.
  • Rugs is a Supplier of flat were Flooring and rugs. These are for home or industrial use. Rugs weaving looms can weave different designs with various types of yarn. Looking for high-quality rugs. You are at the right place. Rugs manufacturers provide complete carpeting solutions for Hospitality, Multiplexes, Mosque Corporate Offices with wall to wall carpets that are tailor-made as per client needs to serve the purpose of the venue.
  • We known for its high quality and great customer satisfaction. And rugs don’t imagine our standards will drop anytime. With years of experience rugs is a leading brand and service provider when it comes to mosque flooring and the main reason for this success is our service and commitment towards our work. We are the No#1 carpets dealers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We are Supplier of flat were carpets, Flooring, and rugs. These are for home or industrial use. Rugs weaving looms can weave different designs with various types of yarn. Looking for high-quality carpets.
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