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Buy Best Khan Mohammadi Rugs 

Rugs or use for home decor and office and mostly use in the TV room and Guest room. Khan Mohammadi Rugs are original works of art, cultural icons, durable home furnishings, family heirlooms, and solid investments. The Wikipedia section for Afghan Carpets depicts them as, “authentic, beguiling and normally incredibly cheap Khan Mohammadi Rugs.

Why Choose Our Khan Mohammadi Rugs?

  • Khan Mohammadi Rugs are unique in that they are not named after a city or region of origin, but after the master weaver who created the unmistakable design.
  • They are easily identified by their dark, rich colors of red, dark blue and ochre and re-occurring motifs of elephant foot, octagonal shapes, and stylized flowers.
  • Khan Mohammadi Rugs are warm and welcoming. The color themes are dark, mostly deep reds with dark blue or black used for sharpening the material. The color and dyes themselves are what give the rug its name; it was Khan Mohammadi Rugs who developed the red tones found in these rugs. The detail in the floor covering can differ yet the example is quite often one type of rehashed sections of ‘gul’ or ‘filpai’ (elephant prints) adjusted from Mohammad’s Ersari Turkmen legacy.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Khan Mohammadi Rugs have as of late included Beljik carpets and Kunduz mats which are Khan Mohammad Dubai plans yet in higher bunch checks and utilizing the highest caliber of fleece. Beljik floor coverings are executed in Merino fleece and have around twice the same number of bunches as their Khan Mohammad Abu Dhabi partners while Kunuz utilizes marginally better fleece and a progressively uniform and more tightly weave.
  • Khan Mohammadi Rugs also sells Afghan Red rugs or Aqchas which are similar in design to those Khan Mohammadi Rugs which are on sale but have lower knot counts and host less depth of cooler. Another staple of Khan Mohammadi Rugs is Baluchi rugs, most notably Baluchi prayer rugs. They are made by Afghanistan’s Baloch individuals in the south-western piece of the nation.
  • Various vegetables and other normal colors are utilized to deliver rich hues. The Khan Mohammadi Rugs are mostly of medium sizes. Numerous examples and hues are utilized, however, the customary and most common is that of the octagonal elephant’s foot (Bukhara) print, frequently with a red foundation. The weavers likewise produce different trappings of the migrant way of life, including tent sacks and stylized pieces.
  • Our rugs are high quality by the Turkomans in the north of Afghanistan, and now and again, they can likewise be hand-tied in Pakistan by the Turkomans who have traversed the outskirts into Pakistan. The primary colors are dark red in different nuances. Happening themes are göls (elephant-like example) and octagonal (eight formed) frequently with curvilinear blooms in dim blue, ochre, and beige. Khan Mohammadi Rugs are carefully assembled by the Turkomans in focal and north Afghanistan.