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Long-Lasting Covering Of A Vinyl and Linoleum Flooring

Flooring is the common term for a long-lasting covering of a floor. Floor covering is a term to generally refer to any finished solid material applied over a floor structure to deliver a walking surface which can bear the weight of traffic walking over it. Vinyl And Linoleum Flooring are two different kinds of floorings but they look exactly the same. Vinyl And Linoleum Flooring are made up of different materials having the same characteristics. Some people consider Vinyl Linoleum Flooring, the same. But they are quite different in terms of production, installation, care and maintenance.

Water Resistance

Vinyl Flooring is waterproof and can be used at places like bathroom, kitchen and damp places. Whereas Linoleum in merely moisture resistant. It can resist the moisture and humidity but is not entirely water proof.

Life Expectancy

Linoleum flooring lasts longer than Vinyl flooring. On average Linoleum flooring stays fit over almost 10-20 years, whereas Vinyl flooring lasts for almost 5-10 years.


Vinyl flooring is diverse in colors and designs unlike Linoleum flooring. Having vinyl flooring gives several vibrant and bright options of colors and designs and it gives realistic appearance to the floors. In Linoleum flooring, designs options are less.


Vinyl And Linoleum Floorings are very easy to clean and maintain. Moping or sweeping vinyl floors and Linoleum floors with vacuum every day and it is that easy to keep the floors clean and maintain them.

Installation And Durability

When it comes to installation, Vinyl Flooring is one of the easiest flooring to install. It can be installed by anyone but of course professionals install it the best way. Installing Linoleum is as easy as installing Vinyl sheets. But sheets Linoleum are little harder to install than Linoleum tiles and planks.

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